gnome-power-manager locking policy

unggnu unggnu at
Sun Oct 14 13:35:52 UTC 2007


gnome-power-manager has a problem at least in Feisty and Gutsy that it 
always locks desktop after suspend, hibernate resume or just closed lid. 
It is not possible to disable this without editing gconf.
Among others this problem is described under
I have made a debdiff for this to fix it which disables the locking for 
blank, hibernate and suspend but it enables the option 
use_screensaver_settings which always locks screen after resume if 
screensaver locking is enabled. So with only one GUI option it is 
possible to activate password security or disable it.
Of course to have the same security level like before screensaver 
locking should be enabled by default but with this I see no security 
risk but more usability.

I mean Gnome is that rude/usability fanatic that it isn't possible to 
set sleep times lower than the screensaver activation (which is very bad 
for laptops imho) but for disabling password security after resume you 
need an editor and three option changes.
With the gconf changes it should be intuitive possible with one click to 
get the security level user wants.


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