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Todd Deshane deshantm at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 02:28:22 UTC 2007

Hi All,

On 10/8/07, Aaron Whitehouse <lists at whitehouse.org.nz> wrote:
> > I think crashes are not a good sign, so I was hoping to raise some
> > awareness of this problem.
> Quite a few people have been "raising awareness" about bugs that they
> have filed. I too have filed some seriously nasty bugs that make Gutsy
> close to unusable for me (mostly to do with compiz and the -intel
> driver being used by default). They are still sitting there without
> having been looked at and we are about a week from release.
> My point is simply this: the more people that "raise awareness" about
> bugs, the more people will look at what is being mentioned and think
> that their bugs are more important. This will mean that the list gets
> clogged with messages like this and people will unsubscribe from the
> list. If I want a list of high-priority bugs then I will search for
> them in Launchpad.
> There is a system in place already to triage and rate the importance
> of bugs. If that system is broken then we need to fix it. Trying to
> circumvent the system by posting to this list is not sustainable.
> Feel free to disagree.

I have felt that the traffic on this list has been relatively light.
Most threads are concerning discussion type issues. There have only
been a few raised bugs.

I have no problem resisting to send bugs, but I thought that this
would be a list for discussion on such issues.

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# Technical questions about new features in the development branch
# Ideas and suggestions about future development of Ubuntu
# Point of contact for Ubuntu users to reach Ubuntu developers
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It seems to me that if users, developers and testers that are
following this list care about a particular issue or bug they can
raise it here. If it generates no discussion and others simply ignore,
then it is probably not a big issue.

I raised this one in particular only because I wanted to try to find
others to test, since it was a special case requiring a ACM account.

Also, the fact that the release is close, to me means that any major
bugs should pass by more eyes and get more attention. To me it seems
as though that is what an open source community is for. Like I said,
if the consensus is not to raise such issues on this list, then I will
refrain. Just let me know.


> Regards,
> Aaron

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