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Mon Oct 8 23:06:51 UTC 2007

I have updated the wiki page adding information on how to handle proprietary
software, I will also add to it changes that need to be made to the
ubuntu-restricted-extras package.

There are still three things which need to be implemented or improved in
Common Customizations. The first is improved multimedia support, for example
dvd playback using totem-xine instead of gstreamer.  The second is the
installation of illegal software like libdvdcss and w32/w64codecs.  Last is
the installation of proprietary software, not only on i386 but on AMD64 as

I will be attending UDS-Boston to further discuss how these three problems
can be solved.

On 10/8/07, Matthew East <mdke at> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 08/10/2007, Jared B. <jb7852 at> wrote:
> > Many people have been asking us, members of the Automatix Team, for a
> long
> > time to collaborate with the Ubuntu Developers.  We have decided that
> things
> > need to change.  So starting with the Hardy development cycle, we hope
> to
> > start working with the Ubuntu Developers to improve both Ubuntu and
> > Automatix.
> I think this displays a positive attitude.
> >
> The specification basically seems to be very similar to an existing
> one - (which
> also includes an analysis of automatix and other scripts).
> That specification is marked as "Implemented" for the feisty release.
> As you probably know Ubuntu now includes a number of easier ways to
> install commonly requested programs. However, not all of the items
> discussed in the spec appear to be implemented. An example is the one
> you give in your spec, DVD playback.
> It's very important for you to identify specific programs which are
> still not well supported by Ubuntu, so that these can be considered in
> the same way as the common-customizations spec was done.
> Good luck!
> --
> Matthew East
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