Automatix Team-Ubuntu Developer Collaboration

Matthew East mdke at
Mon Oct 8 11:41:28 UTC 2007


On 08/10/2007, Jared B. <jb7852 at> wrote:
> Many people have been asking us, members of the Automatix Team, for a long
> time to collaborate with the Ubuntu Developers.  We have decided that things
> need to change.  So starting with the Hardy development cycle, we hope to
> start working with the Ubuntu Developers to improve both Ubuntu and
> Automatix.

I think this displays a positive attitude.


The specification basically seems to be very similar to an existing
one - (which
also includes an analysis of automatix and other scripts).

That specification is marked as "Implemented" for the feisty release.
As you probably know Ubuntu now includes a number of easier ways to
install commonly requested programs. However, not all of the items
discussed in the spec appear to be implemented. An example is the one
you give in your spec, DVD playback.

It's very important for you to identify specific programs which are
still not well supported by Ubuntu, so that these can be considered in
the same way as the common-customizations spec was done.

Good luck!

Matthew East
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