GIMP *final* release for Gutsy?

Aaron C. de Bruyn ubuntu-devel-discuss at
Sun Nov 11 21:03:15 UTC 2007

> > Upgrading simply because there is a newer version number is the wrong attitude.
> I agree. And if this were about 4.0 to 4.1 or 4.3 to 4.7, I would be
> 100% with you.

So you agree that upgrading because a change in the MINOR version number or BUILD number is the wrong attitude.

> But this is not the case. Ubuntu shipped with a *pre-release* version of

...and then you go on to say that a change in the MINOR or BUILD version is grounds to upgrade.
You are contradicting yourself.

And you still haven't answered the question about bugs.  Are you running into a bug in the release candidate that is causing you issues?

If no, there is no point in taking dev time away from something else.
If yes, we should have a bug report filed and a developer looking at it.

>   the GIMPs site you'll note that there are *numerous* bugfixes already
> in the .1 release (not unusual .0 releases are notoriously buggy - in
> any program).

Right, so they fixed bugs.  And you are asking us to repackage GIMP simply because they have fixed bugs.
So what about next week when they fix more bugs?  Time to repachage again?

There are always going to be bugs.  It's simply a matter of people running into the bugs or not.

So once again--are you having a specific issue?

> But even if it were 100 bug-free. We're not talking about just a simple
> version number change here....

Yes, we are.   x.y-RC to x.y
That's a simple change.
x.y-RC to x.y+1 is a simple change too.
It boils down to this:  If users aren't running into bugs, why repackage?


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