Password-protect grub interactive commands (was: rationale of root access from boot)

Thilo Six T.Six at
Sun Nov 11 09:50:22 UTC 2007

Nicolas Deschildre wrote the following on 11.11.2007 07:22
> On 11/10/07, Thilo Six <T.Six at> wrote:
>> Nicolas Deschildre wrote the following on 10.11.2007 07:06
>> <<-snip->>
>>> Thanks for the pointer.
>>> But then, why not use this password feature by default to avoid anyone
>>> to edit boot parameter and become root?
>> because it´s as easy as to plugin a LiveCD and overcome that.

announce Ubuntu 8.04
Hardware Requiments:
  * 256MB RAM
  * 2gig Harddisc space
  * a password protected BIOS
  * Manuel setup in boot sequenz, where CD comes last


Well i am interessed how this would work out - could be a nice social
experiment, don´t you think?

Since Chris Warburton made it allready very clear i do not spend more time on



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