GIMP *final* release for Gutsy?

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Sat Nov 10 22:42:10 UTC 2007

On Nov 11, 2007 5:28 AM, João Pinto wrote:
> if you do believe that potentially this change from RC->Final is only with
> the splash screen logo, which if it's the case would resolve the problem
> from the user's expectation perspective, why bringing generic theoretical
> regression concerns without actually checking the changes ?

    I have (lightly) reviewed the changes in gimp 2.4.1, and compared
to the Ubuntu changes.  The specific updates in gimp that I believe
might be worth an update to the package are 4211466, 290055, 490198,
490048, and 490617.  Of those, at first appearance, at least 490198
and 490048 appear to be fixed in the current Ubuntu revision, and I am
unsure if the Ubuntu shipped video drivers can trigger 412466.  I am
insufficiently familiar with the gimp codebase to determine if the
others should be applied.  I would be opposed to seeing fixes for
488170, 418284, 490068, and 490785 released as a stable update, unless
there was a test case demonstrating the the new code patch was
preferable for an installed Ubuntu gutsy system.  I do not have a
strong preference either way for the rest of the changes.

    More generally, if there is an identified issue (especially one
that may cause a crash) in an installed Ubuntu system, and a test case
may be constructed to test the fix for this issue, I believe it should
be applied to the package.  On the other hand, if it is a theoretical
bug, or does not affect an Ubuntu system with the Ubuntu
configuration, I do not believe it should be applied to tbe package.
Further, I believe that such fixes should only be applied as a patch,
rather than a new source update, and I do not believe that the
reported version number is important in determining the stability of
the package.

> About the lack of control  on getdeb, I do not understand your comment,
> getdeb uses LP for bug tracking and it is open for anyone willing to
> participate.

    My apologies for the confusion.  I specifically mean that Ubuntu
does not control getdeb, not that getdeb is not controlled, and so
Ubuntu cannot provide support for packages from getdeb, and may have
difficulty providing support for users with packages from getdeb
installed, depending on the getdeb packages and the relation to the
discovered issue.  As I indicated previously, any given getdeb package
may be perfect, but it also may not be perfect (this is also the case
for Ubuntu packages).  If getdeb packages are installed, the getdeb
comments and getdeb bugtracker are the appropriate support mechanisms,
rather than the Ubuntu IRC channels, forums, mailing lists, or


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