GIMP *final* release for Gutsy?

Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at
Fri Nov 9 06:04:55 UTC 2007

Sebastian Heinlein spake thusly:
> Am Donnerstag, den 08.11.2007, 20:58 -0700 schrieb Scott
> (angrykeyboarder):
>> None that would "interest" [some Ubuntu] developers, I suppose....
> You should get used to talk about facts.

As I implied previously my internet probably doesn't coincide with that
of anyone who "matters".

>To support your request you
> could for example write to the GIMP authors or contact them on IRC and
> ask if they would recommend an update. This would only cost a minute.

Wouldn't logic dictate that if their latest release was for bugfixes,
that they would recommend an update? Or do developers update software
"just for the heck of it"?

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