Transmission for default torrent client in Gutsy!

Jean-Fran├žois Gagnon Laporte kioshen at
Wed May 30 12:28:10 UTC 2007

Hi Alec,

On 5/30/07, Alec Wright <alecjw at> wrote:
> Deluge has these features, and its written in pyGTK, but it's not stable
> yet.
> Its only available in edgy backports and gutsy, does anyone know why?
Here's why :

>From the bug report : "The current deluge-torrent binary in
feisty/universe potentially corrupts its torrent downloads[0]. Its
upstream developer has stated that he'd rather not have the current
broken release in feisty at all."

For more details, have a look at the bug report.
> I think that when it becomes stable, it could be a candidate for
> ubuntu's default bittorrent client.

I totally agree as I use it too and it gets the job done.

> --
> Alec Wright



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