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Tue May 8 20:36:06 UTC 2007

[fixed quoting]

Op dinsdag 08-05-2007 om 13:09 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Johnathan
> [me]
> > Op vrijdag 04-05-2007 om 11:01 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef
> > Johnathan Falk:
> > > One of the biggest things that linux users forget all the time is that
> > > Microsoft doesn't have a monopoly because of their pretty desktop because if
> > > desktop beauty was the deciding factor we would all use OS X.  The biggest
> > > thing is that one a windows server you can have Ldap + Kerberos + File
> > > Serving setup in under 10 minutes with no hassle. On windows its "Hey do you
> > > want to install Active Directory? Ok I can do that for you type your dns
> > > domain name and admin password POOF! I'm done."
> > 
> > And then the result is that Windows-admins don't understand how it
> > actually works...?   ;-)

See the blinking smiley --^

> Many long time linux admins have always used NIS/NIS+ and don't know
> the first thing about kerberos and ldap, so please don't spew your
> crap about windows admins.

It's not crap, it's the truth.  And of course a linux or unix admin that
never used kerberos / ldap knows even less about it, that's also the

> I was hoping to migrate to a openldap setup
> I have kerberos up and running that's incredibly easy.  It's
> integrating that with Ldap that is causing issues, and if you watched
> the lists you would see other people are experiencing the same
> problems.

That's because it isn't easy.  Like I said in the text quoted below, a
wizard-like configuration interface will make Ubuntu a lot more popular,
and that's what we all want AFAIK...

> > But you're right that that is one of the things that makes Microsoft &
> > Apple popular.  It's also why Ubuntu is rather popular too, even if we
> > don't have as many one-click-wizards (or even zero-click-wizards) yet. 

Jan Claeys

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