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Many long time linux admins have always used NIS/NIS+ and don't know the first thing about kerberos and ldap, so please don't spew your crap about windows admins. I was hoping to migrate to a openldap setup I have kerberos up and running that's incredibly easy.  It's integrating that with Ldap that is causing issues, and if you watched the lists you would see other people are experiencing the same problems.

Johnathan Falk
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Op vrijdag 04-05-2007 om 11:01 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Johnathan
> One of the biggest things that linux users forget all the time is that
> Microsoft doesn't have a monopoly because of their pretty desktop because if
> desktop beauty was the deciding factor we would all use OS X.  The biggest
> thing is that one a windows server you can have Ldap + Kerberos + File
> Serving setup in under 10 minutes with no hassle. On windows its "Hey do you
> want to install Active Directory? Ok I can do that for you type your dns
> domain name and admin password POOF! I'm done."

And then the result is that Windows-admins don't understand how it
actually works...?   ;-)

But you're right that that is one of the things that makes Microsoft &
Apple popular.  It's also why Ubuntu is rather popular too, even if we
don't have as many one-click-wizards (or even zero-click-wizards) yet.

Jan Claeys

Johnathan Falk
Network Administrator
Clinton Community Schools
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