Newest Testing Report of Ubuntu 6.10 from BSTQC China

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Tue May 8 09:06:40 UTC 2007


Thanks very much for your replay.

To your point :

1.Thank you and I have sent another email to bug-squad mail list.

2.Actually it is a big mistake I made, because we have all versions of report for all users include odt, pdf, doc etc, I accidently put the wrong version on FTP . Now then I've put odt and pdf versions on FTP. Please check them.

    FTP address:
    username: ostl
    password: ostl_ubuntu
    The subdirectory of newest testing report is "ubuntu 6.10", please check them

3.Yes, there are many bugs are related to parent/upstream applications,we took default complete installation of Ubuntu-6.10 CD as our test target,I think if someone have interest about them, they can have a look. If you didn't find the version record of these applications, they are the default version in Ubuntu-6.10 CD.

OpenOffice is a special one, we have specialised and wholly reports(this OO report are not included in Ubuntu testing report) to OpenOffice team and community, not only the original version for, but also the localized OpenOffice in China(more translation issues are included in this version of report).
If you think it is not a good idea to take all of this bugs in one report, we would consider your advice in our next reports. If you have time, could you please give us a list of which part or applications the Ubuntu team focus on in the default installation CD Ubuntu-7.04? If we have this list, it's possible for us to separate some applications which are not necessary to test.

4.Since the human resource issue and the the limitation of internet-access, it's complex for these guys to register every bug in launchpad.
I've check the process of reporting bugs in, there are selections of "Distribution-Package" or "Project". I was confused that which Package or Project I could report our bugs as a whole link because it's really hard for us to input every bug one by one. If you could give us some advices for that , it would be great appreciated:)

from: shirish agarwal [mailto:shirishag75 at]
time: 2007年4月29日 23:53
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subject: Re: Newest Testing Report of Ubuntu 6.10 from BSTQC China (Jianggw)

 Hi all,
     I have a feeling of deja vu about this one.  There are no. of points which u need to think about:-

1.  While we are very much thankful for the bug report but this is not the mailing list or the place where you wanna send this. A better place would have been more specifically join the bug-squad team.

2.The format is a .doc format which makes things pretty bulky and inconsistent. I just cleaned up your 3 MB .doc file & saved it & got the same file in .odt format for 142 KB. Although it took me atleast 4 hrs. to do the cleaning up but one good action deserves another. I have put up the cleaned up file at

3. One of the other things was that most of the bugs seem pertinent to Applications per-se which begs the question are these bugs in Ubuntu or the parent/upstream applications per se. For e.g. any of the bugs which are related, did you check them with let's say the same version in some other linux distro. or it could be a short-coming in the parent application per se. Also while you have put up the name of the OS there is no mention of the version of the application which is also very much needed. For e.g. openoffice has an excellent qa team which looks at all the bugs very seriously. . There are even test-scripts there which would make your job whole lot easier if you had not been using them.  I say this because quite a few of these seem to be translation issues which should be handled by the applications themselves.

4. Ubuntu itself has a dedicated bug-reporting site at . The only thing is one has to register & keep track when the developers say something. You could also simultaneously file the bug upstream & give a link there which would make things easier for everybody.

  In the present format & way its unusable for anybody. In case if you have any more doubts, issues feel free to connect with me off-line or bug me either on jabber or freenode where I'm known as shirish. Take care, keep up the good work.
          Shirish Agarwal
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