Tablet PC and Summer of Code

Charlotte Curtis curtisc at
Thu Mar 22 18:00:08 UTC 2007

I have used onboard, and it seems to work quite well.  In addition to the
features you have mentioned (popping up as necessary and word prediction) I
can think of a few other additions, such as a number pad, additional
language/keyboard configurations, and maybe shortcut keys for commonly used
text such as passwords.

Aside from the keyboard, what about the calibration issue and general pen
behaviour?  I have the screen rotation working fairly well with a simple
script, but the pen is not perfectly calibrated when change between portrait
and landscape.  Also, the buttons on the pen (right click and eraser) do not
behave as they should.  It would be great to have some sort of configuration
tool to take care of these things.

Thanks for all your comments, it's a big help.

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