Preconfiguring Emacs.

Joel Bryan Juliano joelbryan.juliano at
Sat Mar 10 07:19:52 UTC 2007

On 3/10/07, Zak B. Elep <zakame at> wrote:
> "Joel Bryan Juliano" <joelbryan.juliano at> writes:
> > Would it be nice to have an emacs package create a preconfigured
> > configurations for common tasks in programming like editing
> > changelogs. I'm not a MOTU, but I guess most of the MOTU's use emacs,
> > what about create an emacs package that is preconfigured for MOTU's?
> Haven't you seen the dpkg-dev-el, debian-el, and emacs-goodies-el
> packages?  As for changelogs, Emacs has had the GNU-style changelog ever
> since, while the Debian-style changelog is available as another mode in
> dpkg-dev-el.  You should really be using debchange(1) in devscripts to
> edit changelogs though (which debian-changelog-mode assists...)
> Cheers,
> Zakame
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> Zak B. Elep
> zakame at

This will be really helpful to all of my _rad_ projects right? (as you
described it on other post..). Though they might be informal, but they
help alot of people..

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