How to join Google Summer of Code 2007?

Zak B. Elep zakame at
Tue Mar 6 04:13:30 UTC 2007

"Joel Bryan Juliano" <joelbryan.juliano at> writes:

> I'm really really would like to join the Google SoC 2007, I have a lot
> of proposals in mind, and I have a strong confidence that I can prove
> them technically*. After 1 year of waiting, I can't elaborate how
> enthusiastically dead serious I'am. Anyone can help me how to join?

Have you seen the timeline?[1] IIRC Google starts accepting applications
by March 14th up to the 24th, so I think you'll have a headstart in
getting all your rad project ideas into writing now :D

> What are the mechanics of an Ubuntu SoC 2007 student, do I need to be
> a MOTU?

Just sign up to the main SoC site, wait until Google starts accepting
proposals, then submit, then wait again. :P  If and when you do get
accepted, you will have to prepare your transcript of records for later
submission (as that's the only way for students outside the US to
validate with Google IIRC.)

I don't think you even need to be a Ubuntu Member to participate, as
long as you can really show your stuff to your would-be mentors.  Which
brings up the question: who in the community will be mentors for Ubuntu
on this SoC?


Zakame  (who is keen to join again :D)


Zak B. Elep
zakame at

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