Compiz - call for help with documentation

Matthew East mdke at
Sat Mar 3 10:24:06 UTC 2007

Hi there,

I've uploaded a basic template for some short documentation about
activating compiz/desktop-effects to the documentation team repository.
It looks like this:

I'd appreciate some help with people who know something about what
compiz does in improving:

1. The list of features of compiz in the introductory section;
2. Some documentation about configuring compiz (adding and configuring
plugins, for example).

Just the basics (and potentially links to more information) will be

Compiz seems to make my machine unusable at the moment so I'm finding it
hard to find out. If other people are having this problem too, we will
probably want to include some kind of "this software is pretty ropey"
disclaimer somewhere in there too.

Some documentation exists at but it doesn't
seem to be very Feisty orientated.

Send contributions to the ubuntu-doc mailing list ASAP (string freeze is
now in a few days) in any form.

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