martin's apport test stuff & simple bug triaging

shirish shirishag75 at
Fri Jun 29 19:53:08 UTC 2007

Hi all,
       First of all it was really cool to see Martin Pitt making some
tests for apport ( really cool) and then asking/telling people to run
them so he sees how things pan out in the real world.
an off-shoot of this which gave him some clues which lead to :-

Now its really cool that martin made those tests even without finding
the GNU debugger issue on i386 kernel. In fact I would love to do more
tests like that as it helped him & makes me love apport even more :)
(although its his baby)

The other thing which I found is if I as a user give a call , then I'm
open to simple bug confirmation sometimes it pays off. For e.g. Jerome
asked me to see if two games slune & balazar I'm able to launch & if
not report them to the respective bug-reports (and gave bug report
nos.) or file anew subscribing him.

While this might be a one-off event but there are probably quite a few
of these one-off events where one needs to download & install & launch
or launch and do couple of steps.

Typically when you ask people on  the channel you are given something
like this :-

which makes most of users like me very afraid as we don't know which
we will be capable of or not.

Although I might not have the right words or the right answer here are
couple of things which I feel might make the procedure better/cool.

1. Have a filter by distribution and/or releases. So let's say I wanna
have an overview of all bugs filed after gutsy tribe 1 onwards . Right
now thats very hard to know, the filter should work while filing the
bug so it makes easier.

2. perhaps have a gutsy-users or something like that on freenode so
people can do simple bug triaging like I did with jerome or something
close to that so the guys can work on more confirmed bugs.

As always comments, suggstions, flames all are welcome.
          Shirish Agarwal
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