Launchpad bug workflow change

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Wed Jun 20 00:13:12 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 19 June 2007 20:01, Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:

> If we need to give wider permissions to more people then I'm sure we can
> do that, both for triaging and fixing, either through ubuntu-qa or other
> teams that we can set up. Even an open team with thousands of members
> might be better than just anyone with a launchpad account. The
> registration page for that team could refer to triaging guidelines.
> Launchpad does have a certain feature set, and that will gradually
> change with input from the user base (many projects, not just Ubuntu).
> But how the Ubuntu project decides to use those tools will be decided by
> us, through discussions like this and the CC and TB if needed. We can
> use the team structure or social mechanisms to give the access we want
> to various groups.

If that's the process for change, then it appears to me it was ignored.

I see the point of the additional states.  Time will tell how useful they will 
be (added complexity may or may not be offset by added information and better 

Limiting access to state changes is IMO (and apparently others) problematic 
and appears to have been done in a vacuum without substantial community 

I'd say we had "the access we want" and it's being changed.  Once again, is 
this change in response to an actual problem?  I guarantee you the new 
approach will be problematic for some.  Are you (the royal you of the people 
doing this to us) willing to accept the responsibility for doing the extra 
work that people won't be able to do for themselves anymore?  

Keep in mind a lot of us volunteer because we want Ubuntu to succeed and grow.  
You've now imposed on me to either devote more of my time to helping non-devs 
status bugs in LP or see potential volunteers give up.  I don't like it a 

What problem were you trying to solve with this change?  Are there significant 
numbers of examples of bugs set to in-progress by non-devs that weren't 
actually being worked on?

Scott K

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