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Tue Jun 19 16:50:17 UTC 2007

I'm sorry, but I like the old status name better!!
Cant we keep them or at least have a poll about it?

On 6/19/07, Henrik Nilsen Omma <henrik at> wrote:
> Tomorrow (2007-06-20) the Launchpad team will update the bug tracker
> with a new set of bug states to help projects like Ubuntu improve bug
> management. The changes will allow for greater fine tuning of our bug
> management and the new labels should hopefully also make more sense to
> users.
> The following statuses will be added:
>  * Triaged
>  * Won't Fix
>  * Todo
> The following statuses will be renamed:
>  * Unconfirmed -> New
>  * Needs Info -> Incomplete
>  * Rejected -> Invalid
> The reasons for the new states are roughly:
>  * Triaged will mean that a bug has all the information attached to it
> that a developer needs to fix it. The 'confirmed' state was previously
> used for this purpose, but many users were 'confirming' bugs when
> observed by a second person.
>  * Rejected has been split into Invalid and Won't Fix, where the latter
> may be a valid bug or wish-list change that we don't have the wish or
> resources to fix.
>  * Todo will form the list of bugs that developers expect to work on in
> the near future. These would typically also be assigned to a developer
> or a dev team.
> The renaming of some existing states is intended to make them more
> intuitive to a larger audience.
> Search URLs containing the old status names will be permanently
> redirected to equivalent URLs containing the new status names. For
> example, &status=Unconfirmed will be changed to &status=New.
> Henrik
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