Launchpad bug workflow change

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Tue Jun 19 16:43:33 UTC 2007

Tomorrow (2007-06-20) the Launchpad team will update the bug tracker 
with a new set of bug states to help projects like Ubuntu improve bug 
management. The changes will allow for greater fine tuning of our bug 
management and the new labels should hopefully also make more sense to 

The following statuses will be added:

 * Triaged
 * Won't Fix
 * Todo

The following statuses will be renamed:

 * Unconfirmed -> New
 * Needs Info -> Incomplete
 * Rejected -> Invalid

The reasons for the new states are roughly:

 * Triaged will mean that a bug has all the information attached to it 
that a developer needs to fix it. The 'confirmed' state was previously 
used for this purpose, but many users were 'confirming' bugs when 
observed by a second person.

 * Rejected has been split into Invalid and Won't Fix, where the latter 
may be a valid bug or wish-list change that we don't have the wish or 
resources to fix.

 * Todo will form the list of bugs that developers expect to work on in 
the near future. These would typically also be assigned to a developer 
or a dev team.

The renaming of some existing states is intended to make them more 
intuitive to a larger audience.

Search URLs containing the old status names will be permanently 
redirected to equivalent URLs containing the new status names. For 
example, &status=Unconfirmed will be changed to &status=New.


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