Using standardized SI prefixes

Ben Finney bignose+hates-spam at
Fri Jun 15 23:49:52 UTC 2007

Ivan Jager <aij+nospam at> writes:

> BTW, I prefer SI units over imperial ones, but there are no SI units
> for information, so we're stuck using bits and bytes.

The issue isn't over the chosen unit. The issue is over the chosen
*abbreviations*. We use 'B' for byte, 'b' for bit; that's not at issue
in this thread.

> I also generaly prefer things to be unambiguous when there is no
> disadvantage, but, fortunately, that is not a problem for me in any
> of the programs I use.

This is the "I'm alright Jack" non-argument I already addressed in
this thread.

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