Ubuntu Feisty and XORG: VNC via xorg available?

Johannes Kastl ojkastl at gmx.de
Fri Jun 8 17:25:28 UTC 2007

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Hello Andrew,

On 06/08/2007 05:57 PM Andrew Jorgensen wrote:
> So did you get it working?

Yes, thank you. Works like a charm.

And, compared to what other methods I found, it is actually not *that*
complicated. I mean, it would be nice for newbies, to have a
click-and-go GUI for that, but adding a few lines is OK to me.

And I really like having a VNC connection even if the login screen is

> On 6/8/07, Johannes Kastl <ojkastl at gmx.de> wrote:

> From what I can tell, including an entry in the package changelog
> vnc4-common should be a dependency of vnc4server.  Perhaps a MOTU
> could look into this for us?

Would be nice, yeah.

> You don't need vnc.conf at all, or the example.  

You got me wrong, here, I guess.
The Readme mentions (as far as I understood) another way to activate
VNC via xorg, and therefore says to use /etc/vnc.conf

I was wondering what vnc4-common should be used for, if I used that
way. That could be the reason why it is no dependency. Maybe.

>> Why not put that few lines into the readme? That is more helpful than
>> the readme as it is now. IMHO.
> I agree that my language is more clear than the readme, and the readme
> is incomplete.

Yes. I am going to put this way into the german ubuntuusers.de-wiki as
soon as I got time, would be nice if someone could put it into the
english ones (ubuntu etc.)

Thanks again for your help and knowledge.
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