Ubuntu Feisty and XORG: VNC via xorg available?

Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 15:57:21 UTC 2007

So did you get it working?

On 6/8/07, Johannes Kastl <ojkastl at gmx.de> wrote:
> > You'll need to install vnc4-common, which you'll also need to use to
> > create the vnc passwd file.
> If I need it for vnc4server to work, why is it not installed
> automatically when I install vnc4server?

>From what I can tell, including an entry in the package changelog
vnc4-common should be a dependency of vnc4server.  Perhaps a MOTU
could look into this for us?

> And: If I could go the other way via /etc/vnc.conf why should I need
> vnc4-common then? Just to get the examples-directory? Seems a bit strange.

You don't need vnc.conf at all, or the example.  Just the two lines I
said you needed in xorg.conf and the vncpasswd program (in
vnc4-common) to create /root/.vnc/passwd.

> > Create the password file by becoming root (sudo -i, or sudo su -) and
> > then running vncpasswd and entering a password at the prompt.  This
> > should create /root/.vnc/passwd
> >
> > Add this line to the "Modules" section of xorg.conf:
> >         Load   "vnc"
> >
> > And this line to the "Screen" section of xorg.conf:
> >         Option         "passwordFile" "/root/.vnc/passwd"
> >
> > Then restart X (ctrl-alt-backspace), or restart gdm (/etc/init.d/gdm
> > restart), or reboot.
> Why not put that few lines into the readme? That is more helpful than
> the readme as it is now. IMHO.

I agree that my language is more clear than the readme, and the readme
is incomplete.

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