Updates post-release/freeze

Tim Hull thully at umich.edu
Mon Jul 30 16:52:59 UTC 2007

> This all takes more resources.  In Universe and Backports both we do not
> have
> sufficient communicty involvement to support the current demand.  IMO any
> proposal for more $STUFF that isn't paid for should also have some
> thoughts
> about where the labor to do the work is going to come from.

 The idea would be to have the stable universe updated in much the same way
as the unstable universe is.  I.e. instead of building new updates against
just gutsy, they would built against Feisty and Gutsy, with the Feisty
updates going to "universe-updates".  There could be an "RC bug delay" in
having them built for the stable release - think the Debian "testing"
strategy.  I understand why you suggest this can't be done, though.

Anyway, I don't mean to sound rude in any respect.  I will admit, I tend to
sometimes think up ideas without truly thinking over the logistics.  I do
intend to get involved somehow - possibly in SRU or Backports (if not for
Ubuntu, then for Debian).  I appreciate what has been done so far, and I
know you developers are doing a lot as-is. Thank you...

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