Handling crash reports

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Fri Jan 26 08:24:15 UTC 2007


David Farning [2007-01-25 16:29 -0600]:
> 1.  Add a top level boolean that categorizes issue reports as crashes.
> This will greatly aid the sorting of bugs for different types of
> triagers.

Latest apport does that now: it generates a sensible default bug title
(like '[apport] firefox crashed with SIGSEGV in function_name()'), so
that for one bug titles are more useful to triagers, and Malone's
duplicate detection/proposing system can pick it up easily, so that we
can avoid getting too many duplicates filed.

> 2.  Automate the process for apport to upload crash report data.  Many
> of our issue are reports of crashes without the crash data.

Feisty's apport does this now. :)

> 3.  Automate the process of symbolizing crash reports.  The process of
> downloading the crash report, running apport-retrace, and re-uploading
> the now symbolized crash report is very slow for all but the fastest
> network connections.

I totally agree, and my hope is that we can eventually integrate it
into Launchpad. I would be happy to implement this as a separate
service initially; the main issue is to get a box in the DC with
working virtualization.


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