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Sun Jan 7 22:23:58 UTC 2007

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Hi there,

The docteam needs a favour with some scripts for moving some stuff in
our repo... I'd be very appreciative if anyone can help out!!

I'll walk you through what needs to be done.

1. "svn checkout
sometmpdir"  - gets the relevant part of the repo needed.
2. cd sometmpdir/libs
3. The file that needs the magic is gnome-menus-C.ent. That file
basically refers to a number of other files, which are in
sometmpdir/menus/C/*xml. In order to fix an irritating bug, we need to
move the content of the xml files directly into the relevant line of
gnome-menus-C.ent. But:
 (a) In each line in gnome-menus-C.ent, the word "SYSTEM" has to be removed.
 (b) The first line of each xml file should be ignored (the xml
 (c) The end of lines and whitespace in between tags in the xml should
be removed.

As an example, I've done the first few manually. I *hope* that there is
a corresponding line in gnome-menus-C.ent for each xml file, but I have
not checked.

If anyone has the skills necessary to accomplish this, I'd be really
grateful if they could help out, and then either send a patch (svn diff)
or the script...

Thanks for reading, and please ask if anything is unclear.

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Matthew East
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