Which third party repository do you use?

Constantine Evans constantine at evanslabs.org
Sun Jan 7 01:30:51 UTC 2007

Matthew Kuiken wrote:
> If a repository is not found in the configuration file that you keep 
> this description list in, a comment one line above the deb line in the 
> sources.list is used.  When new repositories are added using the 
> Software Sources dialog, it could prompt for this description, and add 
> the comment along with the source line.  It may be necessary to precede 
> with, and check for, a double hash, or something similar to ensure that 
> the comment is not just another commented repository, but such 
> functionality would allow the addition of any repository with an 
> accompanying description.

This would require that users write their own descriptions, and thus I
do not think that it would be used in most circumstances. The only time
this would be useful in a significant way would be if the user
downloaded and used a sources.list that was posted somewhere. However,
given the hideousness of most lists I have seen posted for Ubuntu
(Treviño's, for example), I would imagine that this is something we want
to highly discourage.

Perhaps it would be better to allow repositories to add an extra file
that would contain a title and description, and then use that
information? Such a method would require that repositories do extra work
to support it, but I expect that most safe repositories would do so.


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