An Entirely Different Approach on LiveCD Installer.

Phillip Susi psusi at
Mon Feb 12 19:40:01 UTC 2007

Joel Bryan Juliano wrote:
> Since Squashfs 3.1 had been released, it now supports specifying "the
> filename or the directory within the Squashfs filesystem that is to be
> extracted, rather than always extracting the entire filesystem."[1]
> This allows the LiveCD to function in different ways rather than
> loading the entire desktop onto the memory. For example, make the
> LiveCD to load only the necessary files to run the Desktop, but only
> of limited applications. This may help breaking the minimum memory
> requirements of the LiveCD which is really big. Another approach is to
> create a RHGB/Firstboot like application that would only be used for
> installing the LiveCD onto the system, that works like the alternative
> install CD, but on X.

I think that you  misunderstand that changelog entry.  I am pretty sure 
this refers to the extract command line utility that can now be asked to 
extract specific files instead of unpacking the entire squashfs image. 
Manually unpacking images is something that is rarely done and has 
nothing to do with mounting the squashfs image on a running livecd.

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