Announcing migration-assistant

Evan Dandrea xevand at
Mon Feb 12 13:31:05 UTC 2007

Just in time for Feature Freeze, migration-assistant 0.3.1 was
uploaded to main and the accompanying changes were merged into
Ubiquity.  It can be run using the --migration-assistant option in

The goal of this feature is to allow users to import documents and
settings from their previous operating systems (Windows XP and some
bits of Linux at this point) and convert them into their Ubuntu
equivalents during a dual-boot installation.  So for music, it pulls
"My Music" into Music and sets the necessary gconf keys so Rhythmbox
starts with all of their existing music already available (provided
they've installed the necessary gstreamer packages).  It also merges
settings from multiple sources.  So if you have Firefox, Opera, and
Internet Explorer installed it will create a single set of bookmarks
from all three of them.

Further details can be found in the specification:

I'd appreciate people trying this out and filing bugs on the
migration-assistant source package, but please only run it on a system
in a virtual machine or one that you have backups of.  While
migration-assistant is non-destructive, the installer is obviously

If you have any questions I can be found in #ubuntu-installer.

Evan Dandrea (evand)

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