New feature: easy codec installation, please test

Severin Schoepke severin.schoepke at
Mon Feb 5 08:11:01 UTC 2007


the idea of automatic codec installation is very good... But at the 
moment it's not (yet) working perfectly:

I had to boot Feisty yesterday (from the Live CD) to ensure that a bug 
in Edgy is fixed in Feisty. As I already had booted Feisty, I decided to 
check the easy codec installation. I therefore doubleclicked a MPEG-1 
video file. Totem started and then the 'Add/Remove' app popped up and 
said that the mpeg codec is provided by the following packages: 
gstreamer-plugins-extra (or ugly or bad, I can't remember) and 
gstreamer-ffmpeg-plugin. I decided to install ffmpeg. The installation 
went fine, but when it finished and Totem reappeared, an error message 
popped up containing something like 'demuxer needed for playback of 
MPEG-1' or something like that...
So I think the ffmpeg-plugin didn't provide everything that was needed 
for the playback of the given video...
How do you determine which package is required for a media file? Do you 
just check the extension?

cheers, Severin

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