possible incorrect keyboard mapping in ubuntu

Tomoki Taniguchi tomoki.taniguchi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 09:39:14 UTC 2007

I have installed Ubuntu Deskop 6.10.
I have a japanese PC so i set the keyboard to "jp106" during the installation.

When I am in X the keyboard seems to be working fine,
but when I switch to console I noticed that two keys seems to be disabled.
the "\""|" key and the "\""_" key.
I especially need the "|" to work as you can imagine.

I was surfing the Japanese forum and found a solution posted.


for those of you that don't read japanese,
It says to edit the "/usr/bin/ckbcomp" file.
changing the following lines.
133 => -1, # Japanese
133 => 124, # Japanese
211 => -1, # Japanese
211 => 89, # Japanese
and reboot.

This did the trick.  But I don't really feel like having to edit this
on all my servers.
Can somebody fix the "/usr/bin/ckbcomp"?

Tomoki Taniguchi

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