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Evan eapache at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 22:03:32 UTC 2007

A little while ago there was a discussion here about fsck running at boot,
and the program AutoFsck. The author of AutoFsck just contacted me and asked
me what his next step should be. I don't have any official standing in the
Ubuntu dev community, so I'm just going to forward his message out here in
the hopes that it will get opened up for a more comprehensive discussion.


PS I also sent him a link to join this list, so hopefully he'll be able to
contribute to the discussion.

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From: Jonathan Musther <jmusther at gmail.com>
Date: Dec 19, 2007 3:35 PM
Subject: regular fsck runs are too disturbing
To: eapache at gmail.com

Hi Evan;

I just found the recent discussion of fsck runs on boot at:

I am the author of AutoFsck, and have been trying to get somebody in a
position to do something on a distribution level, interested.  The user
interest in AutoFsck has been huge, unfortunately I don't have any figures
as it's primarily hosted on the Ubuntu wiki.

Anyway, the blueprint is at:
but so far, the problem of running fsck on boot doesn't seem to be taken
seriously, which is why I was glad to see the discussion on the mailing

So, I'm wondering where we can go from here, what can we do next.

Kind Regards


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