Q: Reason for partitioning scheme?

HggdH hggdh2 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 21:53:16 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-12-13 at 16:09 -0500, Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> /boot also is useful for those with very old systems and large hard
> drives.  When the motherboard can't detect past a certain cylinder,
> making sure /boot is right up front can let a user have a 100GB hard
> drive on a 10 year old computer. 


With the risk of (again) beating on a dead horse, there is another
reason for mutiple filesystems: the enforced fs check we go every ~ 30
mounts. If deploying multiple fs, there is (1) a non-zero chance not all
of the filesystems will be checked at the same time, and (2) it will not
take forever and ever to get it done.

Of course, there is yet another one, even more important: if running a
single fs, and we have a bad problem that requires reinstalling
Ubuntu... all user data will (probably) be lost. The MS paradigm of a
monolithic fs, that we copied, leaves the user with the potential of
losing everything. And that, methinks, is Not a Good Idea.

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