Fwd: Mono (Re: New Programs for Hardy?)

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 20:46:08 UTC 2007

> I will even help you with one more I would like to see... Scribus.  My
> mother uses this along with Inkscape for her scrap-booking (definitely
> not a geeky endeavor), and with a few tweaks to the descriptions, could
> be a very popular addition.

I'll have insist about the sync support, it's not a geeky endeavour;
and most people avoid it because of the difficulty. It's a feature we
could make better than other platforms, we have all the tools written

> But there are better places to trim than mono.  I personally would like
> to see more mono apps included by default to encourage Wintel developers
> to extend their product to the Linux desktop.  That would be a win for
> everybody but Microsoft, but that does not disappoint me so much.

But as you pointed out, we don't want to include things because it's
good for developers, it's an operating system for human beings, not
wintel geeks. I'm not sure where this fascination has come from that
we need to include mono by default to encourage windows developers.
All the developers I know from the windows world move into Linux by
programming in python, c++ and java. Not through the .net framework.
In fact shouldn't we be installing Eclipse if we're so focused on

When we have a _need_ for mono libs by default we can mull it over,
but at the moment all I see is some pretty weak arguments and
developer bias.

Regards, Martin Owens

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