Fwd: Mono (Re: New Programs for Hardy?)

Kevin Fries kfries at cctus.com
Wed Dec 12 20:36:28 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-12-12 at 15:27 -0500, Martin Owens wrote:
> > Could you list some example of those things that would be nice there?
> Sure thing: Inkscape, Conduit, opensync, Glipper, firefox-adblock,
> rar-free, more languages, obex, gnome parition editor, audacity,
> gnomebaker, vim (real vim), PGP keys manager, open office draw, any
> kind of irc program, keep backup 2, graphics tablet integrations, any
> kind of webcam management software, cheese, devede, atlantik-gtk,
> compiz manager, start up manager, Storage Manager, schedual, Dohickey.

I'll give you Inkscape and webcam, but I think the rest such as addons,
vim, irc, gnome partition editor, etc really do need to stay in the

I will even help you with one more I would like to see... Scribus.  My
mother uses this along with Inkscape for her scrap-booking (definitely
not a geeky endeavor), and with a few tweaks to the descriptions, could
be a very popular addition.

But there are better places to trim than mono.  I personally would like
to see more mono apps included by default to encourage Wintel developers
to extend their product to the Linux desktop.  That would be a win for
everybody but Microsoft, but that does not disappoint me so much.

Kevin Fries
Senior Linux Engineer
Computer and Communications Technology, Inc
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