Appropriateness of posts to this list (Was Re: evince crash)

Patrick optomatic at
Thu Dec 6 19:30:32 UTC 2007

There are some really strong arguments being put forth in this thread. I 
think I can understand how all the participates feel.

I think there is a developer-user disconnect and I tried to touch on 
this in my long winded "best foot forward" thread. That being said I 
have contributed absolutely nothing and I am in no position to complain. 
Perhaps the problem here is that people should get paid and if they are 
getting paid they should listen more closely to what the end user needs.

I don't have a lot of money. I just have a small business selling used 
lab instruments but I have lots of opportunities on the horizon. However 
I know there is a vast financial opportunity in front of me that I 
cannot capitalize on fast enough. There are millions of dollars to be 
made in instrument control software. I am so short on time with basic 
survival stuff that I cannot reach my goal.

Would anyone be interested in creating an "Ubuntu entrepreneur list"??

If we could help each other out maybe we could actually make money and 
pay people to make the modifications we want.

Just a thought-Patrick

Cory K. wrote:
> Kevin Fries wrote:
>> You allow the customers wishes to be the only real metric because you
>> place Ubuntu and Linux's needs before your own.  Otherwise, are you
>> really helping?
> *IF* I were paid I would agree. What it comes down to with many of us is
> we find a niche we care about and work on that. That work benefits users
> of those packages.
> What this touches on for me is my long-time feeling that for Ubuntu to
> continue to be sustainable many more of us need to be paid
> maintainers/developers. There's a list of at least 10 people I know that
> should be paid to maintain Universe. Until that or something like it
> happens Kevin, you simple can't demand the types of things you suggest
> from people.
> Also this is a conversation (like many) that just doesn't work on a ML.
> -Cory \m/ (Ubuntu Studio lead)

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