Appropriateness of posts to this list (Was Re: evince crash)

Cory K. coryisatm at
Thu Dec 6 19:12:41 UTC 2007

Kevin Fries wrote:
> You allow the customers wishes to be the only real metric because you
> place Ubuntu and Linux's needs before your own.  Otherwise, are you
> really helping?

*IF* I were paid I would agree. What it comes down to with many of us is
we find a niche we care about and work on that. That work benefits users
of those packages.

What this touches on for me is my long-time feeling that for Ubuntu to
continue to be sustainable many more of us need to be paid
maintainers/developers. There's a list of at least 10 people I know that
should be paid to maintain Universe. Until that or something like it
happens Kevin, you simple can't demand the types of things you suggest
from people.

Also this is a conversation (like many) that just doesn't work on a ML.

-Cory \m/ (Ubuntu Studio lead)

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