Clarification over Alpha 1 and dual monitors

Sidarth Dasari sidster802 at
Tue Dec 4 13:08:38 UTC 2007

Christopher Halse Rogers wrote:
> As for the original question: you can create an xorg.conf & X will use
> it.  You could also try the System->Administration->Screens & Graphics
> program, which should set it up for you.  File bugs if it doesn't work
> :).
Well, I dont think its detecting my setup properly. I went into screens 
and graphics and it is only showing one monitor as unknown and a 
resolution of 640X480. (Btw the monitor that is working is my widescreen 
laptop monitor and it is set to 1280X800 according to xrandr). When I go 
in to change the monitor type and press Detect, it does find the correct 
model of my second monitor, however it will not activate it. In Gutsy, 
both my monitors show up on this page.

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