Adobe Acrobat Reader Plugin

Scott Abbey scott at
Sun Dec 2 16:54:48 UTC 2007

Evan wrote:

> Daniel, I personally find it really useful, but I can't speak for
> everybody. If everyone would please answer this impromptu poll:
>    - Do you prefer online pdfs displayed in the browser (acrobat reader
>    style) or launched in a seperate dislpay (current Ubuntu style)?

Personally, I can't stand having anything inline (this includes video,
music, even flash, depending on its usage). Web browsers are browsing the
web. KDE is my desktop of choice, and Konqueror does this by default. It's
the first thing I disable after installing. I would do the same thing in
Gnome were that to become the default behavior.

That said, it seems to be the expected behavior for users coming from other
OSes (read: Windows), and it's simple enough for me to change (at least in
KDE), so I could go either way.

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