Adobe Acrobat Reader Plugin

Evan eapache at
Sun Dec 2 15:33:32 UTC 2007

Daniel, I personally find it really useful, but I can't speak for everybody.
If everyone would please answer this impromptu poll:

   - Do you prefer online pdfs displayed in the browser (acrobat reader
   style) or launched in a seperate dislpay (current Ubuntu style)?

Conrad, a dedicated pdf plugin would be better (mozplugger also provides
other plugins for multimedia which are redundant), but I don't know who
would write it. The first link you provided is out-of-date, and the second
just lists it as a possible idea.

If it looks like this is a popular idea, I'll try and contact somebody


PS having the plugin installed by default would be
nice as well, assuming that people like inlined stuff like this.
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