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Sun Aug 26 03:01:23 UTC 2007

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Wow, that previous response was quite harsh - that was probably why it
was sent off-list.

Tim Hull wrote:
> I do follow up - in fact, I've often posted additional info on my bug
> reports as to the origin of the issue/suggestions as to what could be done.
>  I may not have the solution to everything, but that doesn't mean that I'm
> just being lazy or "just focusing on the hot-dog stuff".  Maybe it means
> that for you, but I've submitted bugs/ideas to other projects (including
> *Debian*, of all distributions) and have received plenty of response.

More developers tends to lead to more response.  That's the way the
world works, i'm afraid.  If you know of people interested in doing some
work with the bugs, please point them to the Bug Squad.

> I'm not asking for something trivial - I'm asking how to provide input/ideas
> regarding key components of the system.  It's perfectly clear how to do
> MOTU/Bug Squad/etc - it's NOT clear how to go about suggesting changes to
> the main desktop setup.  I've looked countless times on Launchpad and have
> remained stumped - "RTFM" really doesn't help one bit.

I'm still unsure which key components you want to change, or how you
want to change them.  You may want to clarify, because that will effect
the answer you get.

> In many of the cases I've discussed, I'm not necessarily talking about
> coding a major new project from scratch - I'm talking about integrating
> already existing code into the system, investigating changes in default
> settings, etc.  Yes, I certainly would work on the smaller bugs/issues as
> well - and I already know where to go for that (Bug Squad, MOTU, etc etc).
>  However, it's unclear where to go with basic desktop issues/ideas, other
> than to file a bug in Launchpad, provide all the info you can, and wait.

Tim can work on whatever he likes - that's one of the advantages of free
software.  Of course, hopefully he'll fix any bugs in code that he
writes, or any bugs that he sees along the way.

> Do any Ubuntu developers care to comment?  I'd like to contribute, but I'm
> beginning to feel like I can't do so in any meaningful way outside the
> "universe" and Launchpad bug reports (which, even when I provide extensive
> info and narrow the problem to something fairly specific, don't tend to get
> much response).

A lot of conversation between developers (which is, what I suspect, that
you're looking for at the moment) is done on IRC.  You'd probably have
to speak to the individual developers relating to what you want to work
on.  The lack of response to your emails is likely because they're still
quite broad (in the area of what you want to do), and the developers
tend to be busy people, so don't reply to everything.

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