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Murat Gunes mgunes at
Sat Aug 18 20:25:11 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-08-18 at 20:26 +0100, Chris Warburton wrote:

> I'm not a very forumy kind of person (I prefer anything that can to run
> outside my web browser), but was just wondering if the idea pool forums
> could integrate with more. For every
> release I see people posting the same ideas in forums, in
> release-specific wiki pages, etc. and I think that a lot of effort could
> be saved by checking a few release-independent lists somewhere and
> seeing that an idea has already been proposed rather than posting it
> again, and for features which don't make a release (which is usually
> most, due to the masses of proposed ideas) there is no need to post them
> again and again for each development release.
> I know the IdeaPool wiki page isn't in particularly good shape, but I've
> been spending a bit of time over the last week giving it some kind of
> structure and removing redundant entries (ones which are either posted
> twice or already implemented), so I think it has the potential to become
> more useful than it is now.
> If the forums carry on as-is then I would really suggest a
> release-independent idea pool so ideas don't need to be reposted, and a
> good structure to make it easy to look after (getting rid of duplicates,
> removing implemented features, etc.) and easy to browse to get useful
> information out of it and to prevent duplicates from people who didn't
> see the original.

A release-independent idea pool section has been discussed a few times
in the forums, and I too think it's a better idea than the existing
structure, though not precisely for the reasons you cite. I'm part of
the Forum Ambassadors team [1] and I keep a close eye on the Idea Pool
section; we get lots of redundant ideas, even redundant with what's
already been posted regarding the release in progress. Basically, the
problem is that forum members in general don't have a habit of checking
what's already been posted, and what's already in progress. 

A huge release-independent idea pool will increase people's reluctance
to look for what's already been posted in the worst case, and won't make
much difference in the best. The long term solution to that problem is
to better educate new users about proper etiquette and on how to
participate in the development process, and the short term one is to
employ more moderators.

> A great system for this would probably be something along the lines of
> Dell's Ideastorm, but integrating something like that with the existing
> infrastructure would be difficult.

That too has been discussed [2] multiple times. For various reasons [3],
I think it's not a very good idea.




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