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Wed Aug 15 06:19:08 UTC 2007

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I recently purchased a Keyspan USB-Serial converter, and have been
looking into what I would need to do to make it work in Ubuntu.  The
Keyspan site suggests compiling a new kernel; the wiki seems to say I
can splice in a module without going to that extreme.  Either of these
is possible, but of course I'd rather just apt-get something if
possible, and someone (perhaps Sarah Hobbs? - correct me if I'm wrong)
suggested I ask Colin Watson if it might be eligible for inclusion in
linux-restricted.  I don't know the requirements for such things, so
would appreciate it if some folks could look into it (I'm told Colin
is on vacation this week - perhaps save him some work when he gets
back?).  If this has in fact already been taken care of without my
knowledge, there is some documentation to fix.

Things I know so far:
The keyspan drivers/firmware are included in the vanilla 2.6 kernel tree.
They were pulled from Debian (and Ubuntu), and the license and
reasoning are on

- From what I can tell, it's because of a not-quite-clear license,
rather than an explicitly non-conforming license.  Depending on
policy, perhaps it would be okay in some places anyway as is,
otherwise maybe we could get Keyspan to clarify the license.
Keyspan notes that they are trying to improve Linux support, and
encourage contact towards that regard, as enumerated at the top of
Additionally, Googling caused me to stumble across,
which I'm not entirely sure what it is, but possibly useful. discusses
needing to manually create device nodes even with the drivers already
installed, but is six years old, so we should check on whether this
process can be done now without user interaction.
Current patching instructions are at, but
not terribly complete.
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