new deskbar-applet update breaks tracker integration (Launchpad bug: 132455)

Matt Nicholson sjoeboo at
Tue Aug 14 14:42:30 UTC 2007


So, this morning I woke up and ran my updates like everyday, and looked
around at some changlogs/the gutsy changes rss feed,and noticed deskbar had
been updated, with a new UI and everything. I won't go into the details
here, but well, not everyone is pleased with the entirely new UI (with old
in-panel and button-popup modes removed) If you want more on this, look
here: and here:

Anyways, along with this obvious change, I noticed my tracker search results
were no longer showing up in the new deskbar. I check the
preferences/installed extensions, and, although the libdeskbar-tracker
package is still installed, deskbar no longer sees the tracker/tracker-live
extensions. It looked like this is because the new deskbar requires
extensions to be re-written.

Obviously, since tracker is on the big new feature list, and is even listen
on the tribe 4 announcment page (<QUOTE>You can use Tracker in the search
dialog, the file selector, nautilus, or the Deskbar applet</QUOTE>), I see
this as something fairly important.

I'm more than willing to help as much as I can with this. And sorry if this
should have been sent elsewhere/if someone else is already coving it.

keep up the great work.

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