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Krzysztof Lichota krzysiek at
Mon Aug 6 22:24:52 UTC 2007

Kevin Fries napisaƂ(a):
> On Mon, 2007-08-06 at 13:03 -0600, Conrad Knauer wrote:
>> Individual DEB files installed with Gdebi provide this sort of thing
>> currently (e.g. try
> Or even better:
> This solution works first of all within the existing distribution tools,
> and second without trying to turn Linux into Windows.  We all know how
> well the first Windows turned out, and the OP does not get that point.
> People are seeking something better than Windows.  Many will tell you
> otherwise, but when pushed, I think overall satisfaction with Windows is
> right up their with the cell phone companies... Nobody is happy, but
> don't feel that Linux or Mac are realistic choices...  Resolving that
> misconception about the usability of Linux is how we solve Bug #1.

I am not suggesting to create installers like in Windows. If you look at
 the architecture of One Click Installer, it leverages good ideas in
Linux software management (packages with software for easy
uninstallation without leaving rubbish, dependencies, repositories,
signing, etc.) to create ease of use similar to Windows installers or
even better (one link to click for all versions, not a few).

As for apt:// protocol idea, it has the same problem as Klik -
centralization. In order to have flourishing software ecosystem we have
to provide third party application developers, packagers and users
opportunity to provide their own installation repositories, which suit
their needs.

	Krzysztof Lichota

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