Newest Testing Report of Ubuntu 6.10 from BSTQC China

Jianggw jianggw at
Sun Apr 29 06:33:28 UTC 2007

Hi, there

    Thanks for reading this email.

    April 29th, 2007. After the hard work of guys in our company BSTQC(Beijing Software Testing & QA Center), we release our new all-sided testing report for Ubuntu-6.10 which we finished several days before. In our testing report, we've listed:

     19    S2-bug(very serious), 
     108  S3-bug(middle serious),
     106  S4-bug(normal),
     33    S5-bug-for-suggestions(suggestions). 

     Totally  266  bugs.

    Even the new Ubuntu 7.04 has been released, this report would be very valuable for all developers and users. 

    You can download it from BSTQC ftp server. If anyone has problems with downloading the testing report, please contact me by sending email to  konghao at  

    If some one could provide downloading server outside of China and put this testing report on your server, it would be great appreciated! 

    FTP address: 

    username: ostl 

    password: ostl_ubuntu 

    The subdirectory of newest testing report is "ubuntu 6.10", please check them. 

    The all-side testing of newest Ubuntu 7.04 are ongoing, we will release the testing report as soon as possible. 

Thanks! & Best regards!

Hao Kong - BSTQC
National Application Software Testing Labs
Beijing Software Testing & QA Center
Add:Building 3A,Zhongguancun Software Park,
Shangdi,Haidian District,Beijing,China 100094
Email:konghao at

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