Standardised Hardware Support Spec - Please Review

Paulus Esterhazy pesterhazy at
Thu Apr 12 10:58:38 UTC 2007

> From my perspective, it would be better to create a cross distro list
> of hardware compatibilty. This would show which pieces of hardware
> work and which don't. The benefits of this are legion, but here are
> the main ones:
> 1. Single database for new linxu users to look in
> 2. Single database to point vendors at in an attempt to get them to
> understand how large their Linux base really is

I've been thinking about starting a project just like this for a long 
time. If anyone is interested, please let me know! Maybe it would be 
good to only target ubuntu at first, and later expand the focus.

 > Probably the best candidate for this is the new LHCP from Fedora,
 > which is very similar to the Hardware DB Ubuntu has, but has a scope
 > of more than just Ubuntu. As such, I would create a spec about getting
 > the common client in Ubuntu.

The LHCP project, while it sounds interesting, doesn't seem to be active 
at all, judging by the mailing list activity.


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