Strategy for fixing Bug #1

Conrad Knauer atheoi at
Wed Dec 27 07:11:32 UTC 2006

On 12/27/06, mikecorn <mikecorn at> wrote:

> - the LSD project

*GRIN* (

Please see the LUG meeting image on


> is an attempt to create some useful standards and
> cross-platform tools, but Mark Shuttleworth has stated he does not
> believe in this.

I think you mean "LSB" (Linux Standard Base) and actually you're wrong:

"LSB-compliance is very important for Ubuntu," said Mark Shuttleworth,
Ubuntu's main backer, in a statement. "We believe that Linux offers
the world freedom of choice, freedom to innovate, and freedom to
localize. The Linux Standard Base is a crucial enabler of those
freedoms, creating confidence in the standardization of the core
platform while still preserving the ability of the platform to evolve
and improve."

I think you got confused by Shuttleworth's dislike of the approach the
DCC Alliance took towards LSB-compatibility:


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