New feature: zeroconf networking by default, please test

David Prieto frandavid100 at
Tue Dec 19 07:53:50 UTC 2006

> > Yesterday, the remaining bits of the "Zero-configuration networking"
> > specification made their way to the archive and await hordes of fans,
> > happy users, and of course, bug reports.

I believe that this has caused a very weird bug in my computer, where NM
was telling me that I was connected to the net, but then it was not
really working: the browser couldn't open pages, evo couldn't fetch my
mails... please, find the details and how I solved it in this thread in

It's two pages long, but it's enough if you read the first and last
posts. Also, if you have further questions I'll try to answer them.

I could also file a bug if I'm required too, but I'm not sure where the
right place would be.

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