New feature: zeroconf networking by default, please test

Andreas Schildbach andreas at
Sat Dec 16 16:36:43 UTC 2006

Martin Pitt wrote:

> The basic idea is that whenever you try to connect to a network and do
> not get a DHCP response, you will automatically get an IP from the
> range (called 'IPv4 link-layer address').

Is this also supposed to work in the following environment?

Two machines are connected to a wireless router, over the air. This is 
sufficient for most communications, both to the Internet and between the 
two machines. But sometimes you want to whop some DVD image from one 
machine to the other. For this purpose, the two machines are ad-hoc 
connected directly with an ethernet cable.

Currently, if I plug in the ethernet cable, network manager drops the 
WLAN connection. This is not what I expect in this case, because I loose 
internet connectivity. Also, I do not get any address for 
eth0, although this worked some days ago on my first try.



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